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What is Shift2Go?

Shift2Go is an on-demand staffing platform that links local skilled individuals with available shifts at the click of a button.


Scale quickly

Get great individuals with the skills you need at the click of a button. No more lost revenue and unhappy customers.

Don't take the risk

Shift2Go gives you the ability to quickly select candidates based on their previous feedback ratings.

Works for your business

Our platform ensures each individual member has gone through onboarding before they start a shift. We manage all payroll processes to free up your time to focus on your customers. We even help with your cash flow with payments up to 30 days after the shift is completed.


Get work that works for you

The Shift2Go platform will find you work in your area that best matches your skills, allowing you to work where you want, when you want, for whomever you want.

Earn extra cash

Be notified the instant a shift becomes available in your area, turn up for work and get paid on the Friday the week after your shift is complete.

Showcase your skills

Potential clients see your performance on previous shifts, increasing your profile the more you work.

Find Work

Finding shifts to suit skills, business and lifestyle is easy with the Shift2Go app.


Finding shifts to suit your skills and lifestyle is easy with the Shift2Go app.


Your app will show you shifts in the local area that suit your skills. Don't worry if you dont have time to keep checking, we will send you push alerts the minute new shifts become available.


Apply for the shifts you like the look of and the employer will be notified immediately of your interest and availablility. Expect to hear back very soon without the need for a phone call.

Find Staff

Finding the best individuals is easy with Shift2Go

1. Register your business

Creating your business profile takes a few minutes and will give you access to hundreds of individuals in your area.

2. List your shift

Select the required skills, write a brief outline of the task, press send and watch the applications come in.

3. Approve the best candidates

Approve the best candidates that suit your shift, spending less time finding individuals and more time on your customers.

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